Heaven or Hell

This holiday was more than relaxing, both for me and for my family. Since we were grilling most of the days it was great idea for us to go to national park Krka to get refreshed by fresh water and cool breeze. All would be more than grate, if not for the massive fire close to the village, where our friends have a holiday house. At first time we were confused, we didn’t had that much beer last night, so we see planes instead of birds, are not still a sleep, since we are on the boat on river Krka….

All in all, as brave man are not afraid of anything, we were not afraid of some small fire, that is someware behind us and far from us. The only problem was, at that time we didn’t know exactly where the fire is, it is very close to the house that we stay. But as all brave man we took another beer and continued to our destination, monastery  “Visovac” and famous waterfall “Roski slap”.

Small island, with its peace and quiet, where Franciscans live and prey, has very relaxing athmospere in which you want to stay forever, far from all the “wonders” of modern world.

After refreshing shower from waterfall, small snack was required….of course beverage was already prepared…domestic spirit.

At the end of the day, all that we could wish is that our house is still solid, and not turned into ashes. With this wonderful sunset we finished our day…….



Well, instead of me being boring and thanking half of my family, friends and pets I would like to thank for just one fact….I love food and all around it. In my late .. years 🙂 (who like’s to mention that) I have decided to publish my experiences and knowledge, exchange whatever I have tried and lived. It’s not only food, but all that is pushing us to explore hedonistic way to indulge our taste buds like roman emperors did. As they were cheered by crowds, today we cheer every new life, like this cherry in the spring.